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Prepare for Hurricane Florence in NC and VA – Diseased Trees, Weak Trees Are The First To Fall

By | September 10, 2018

Most people are caught off-guard when a hurricane is approaching and there simply may not be enough time to do all the things that you need to do to eliminate all of the obvious threats, such as weak and diseased trees around your home. What can you do to prevent threats to yourself and your property before and after a storm?

The most important thing is to get out of harms way before the hurricane arrives. If at all possible, vacate your premises before the storm and go as far inland or out of the path of the hurricane as possible.

Being prepared for a storm. – When preparing for a storm make sure that you have plenty of water, toilet paper, canned goods, flash lights and battery’s, blankets, tarps, and extra battery’s for your cell phones. When it comes to helping you after the storm, call Parrish Farm Land Services to help remove unsafe and broken trees effectively and securely from your home and property.

If you decide to stay, then stay as far away as possible from those areas of the property that are most likely to be affected and cause you harm and damage. Make sure you identify weak and diseased trees on your property and that could come down during the storm and endanger your life and the lives of loved ones. High winds from hurricanes are problematic as they pull down trees, snap tree trucks and break large limbs that can land on your home.

After the storm has passed, make sure that there is no obvious dangers from downed power lines, live electrical wires and flooding. Do not take for granted the damage caused to trees as they can still topple and break easily and suddenly. Walk your property, but be sure that you are aware of large branches and limbs from trees above you as they may still be dangerous to walk under.

Tree clean-up – If you come across a tree that is either down or partially down, don’t take chances trying to remove it, as it is probably unsafe or too large to remove yourself. It is best to contact a tree specialist to remove the downed trees after a hurricanes and bad weather. What kind of company should you call after a storm? You should call a professional tree company that is licensed and insured and has the heavy equipment to do the tree work that you need in a safe a responsible manner. Don’t go with the first company you find. You want a company that has been doing tree work for a long time. Check out their website and look at the services they provide. Do your research and read their reviews and find out if they offer free quotes.

How do you know if the tree company is legitimate or fly-by-night? If they don’t present a businesscard, have a website, or if they pull up in an old pick-up truck, then it’s probably best to stay away from them as they could cause more damage to your property, themselves or to you. Without the right tree removal equipment, it could take a while for them to clean up your mess and they might not even finish the job. So ask about their equipment and make sure you and they sign a company form with a quoted price for the work and a timeline for delivery.

How do I know if a job is to big for me to handle myself? If a tree has fallen that is old and close to your house or on your house then you will need to call a company that handles that kind of work. If the tree is blocking your drive way or road way then you will need to call a professional tree company. Please call the experienced professionals at UniquecreteVA for tree service after a storm.

Be safe!

Call Parrish Farm Land Services before Hurricane Florence and after the storm for tree removal services, tree services, land clearing in Raleigh, NC, North Carolina and Virginia. For Emergency Tree Removal Services with heavy equipment. 540-321-4999.

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