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Gyro-Trac GT 25 XP Steel Track Heavy Duty Mulcher

Our Gyro-Trac GT25XP is a phenomenal piece of equipment. It can handle all types of terrain. Our workhorse machine has 280 HP, with an 8 ft planertooth mulching head. It mulches all types of trees of most any size and lays down a beautiful shredded bed of mulch for an aesthetic and natural appeal.

This machine is used for:

  • Large acred lots.
  • Out-performs any 500 HP machine in its class by 3 to 1.
  • It has a low PSI ground pressure at 3.5 PSI and does not disturb root systems for keeper trees.
  • No need for bull dozing or hand clearing.

Caterpillar 325F Excavator

The Caterpillar 325F Excavator is used for reaching over fence lines on steep terrains. Ours is fitted with the GyroTrac 500HD Cutter Head capable of mulching all types of trees up to 14” in diameter.

About this machine:

  • 65,000 LB machine with mulching head.
  • Powerful 164 HP of hydraulic flow. 2 mulching heads.
  • Reach of 32 ft and can extend to 36 ft height. A long reach capable of getting into steep terrain, over fence line and creek beds.
  • Zero-turn radius cab for getting into tighter areas.
  • Gyro-Trac Sabertooth cutting technology pulverizes trees into a sawdust type mulch.

Caterpillar 299D XHP Track Loader

Our Caterpillar 299D XHP  is a versatile machine and will get into compact areas, especially designed for tight tolerances. It has low ground pressure of 5.5 PSI.

About this machine:

  • 110 HP engine.
  • Gyro-Trac 500 HF mulching head with Sabertooth
  • We have 3 of these machines available.
  • Outperforms any hammer-style mulching equipment in its class by 3 to 1.
  • The finished look leaves a nice park-like effect.

Kubota M6-111 Tractor

Our Kubota M6-111 has 114 HP and is used primarily for brush cutting and push hogging.

This machine is used for:

  • Used for mowing large parcels of land.
  • Used for easements fields, etc.
  • 11 FT heavy-duty brush hog capable of cutting material up to3.5 inches thick.

Other Equipment

  • We have a fleet of 23 trucks ranging from F350’s to F750’s.
  • Full Service mechanical shop and our own equipment.
  • Mechanics with 30+ years of experience.
  • Experienced staff.

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